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Change your life forever. Heal those persistent health issues now! You've come to the right place to heal with Spiritual Response Therapy.

Are you looking for a "new beginning" in life. A chance to start over and see life from a new perspective. Would you like to be more effective in handling life's issues and challenges? What if you approached day-to-day issues with a different attitude? Approached from a position of control and confidence? How much better could your life be? Spiritual Response Therapy is the key to unlocking a brighter future for you!

 Separate from the crowd of people looking for "magic wand" healing and experience true release!

You don't need any special skills or psychic abilities to benefit from a Spiritual Response Therapy clearing. You must merely ask for the healing benefit. 

As a Certified SRT Teacher & Consultant, we can clear those issues of past-life discordant energy which may be holding you back. "Freeing your soul, which frees your mind, which controls your body!"

What Is A Spiritual Response Therapy Clearing?

SRT is an ancient form of healing which operates at the soul level. Many ailments we suffer with have their energies rooted in past life discordant issues. Those ailments (both physical and mental) are part of our cellular memory and re-manifest lifetime after lifetime.

I connect to my "high self" and ask a series of questions which help me identify patterns or programs of discordant energy which have imprinted in the Akashic Record (your soul's record of lifetimes) covering literally thousands of lifetimes. Once these programs and energies are identified, I ask that they be cleared. When that is done your soul has been educated to the lessons it should have learned and positive energies replace the old. You may feel the changes almost instantly!

Virtually everyone can benefit from an SRT clearing. An SRT clearing actually enhances the effects of all other healing modalities, both traditional and alternative.

FREE "General Clearing". This blessing is designed to release the day-to-day chaos in your life. Enjoy this blessing as my free gift to you for using your valuable time to learn more about Spiritual Response Therapy. If you don't notice a difference you should request a Free Consultation

Improved Quality Of Life

Spiritual Response Therapy clearings can provide you with peace of mind and tranquility in a complicated and changing world. You can be free from worry and less likely to procrastinate. Wouldn't it be nice to get more accomplished in all aspects of your life and thereby realize a higher quality of life?

That's just what SRT can do for you! By clearing away past-life negative energy, it can improve your quality of life and expand your ability to enjoy life.

Dramatically Reduce Stress

Spiritual Response Therapy removes anxiety and stress from your life. By doing so, it allows you the freedom to focus on what is important to you. That might be quality family time, working on your relationship with your significant other, or expanding your spiritual awareness. Stress reduction is a healthier way of life and allows us to occasionally "smell the roses". In short, achieve a higher quality of life!

Spiritual Growth

If you happen to be consciously following a spiritual path, SRT can help you expand your spiritual growth. That's what happened for me. One second I was crawling, then, after my clearing, I was flying. Spiritual Response Therapy removed many blocks to the expansion of my spirituality and set me free. 


If you have been a little frustrated that the effects of different healing modalities have been short-lived or unnoticeable, it may be because the cellular memory of past-life negative energy has allowed a recurrence of the ailment. This often is the case!

Spiritual Response Therapy can release these blocks to healing. I can determine if this is the case and clear the programs preventing your healing. Just request a Free Comsultation

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