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1. Q: What is Spiritual Response Therapy and how does it work?

A: Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is an ancient and powerful form of healing that operates at the soul-level. As a practitioner of SRT, I access and work directly with the Akashic records (the soulís record of lifetimes), releasing discord and restoring balance, alignment, and harmony.

Through Spiritual Response Therapy, I merge with your soul to identify discordant energies and issues limiting your soulís growth and unnecessarily impacting your physical reality. An educational process is initiated from which your soul can now assimilate understanding from discordant soul experiences (previously restricting growth) and provides your soul the freedom to expand into whole new arenas of experience. 

You can experience tremendous release of blocked energies, depression, phobias, addictive/compulsive behavior patterns, etc., and often release health challenges and physical disabilities limiting your life. The SRT process allows you greater quality in relationships, freedom from limiting emotional issues and an inner peace to embrace a vibrancy of life previously unachievable.

Since the process occurs at the soul-level, SRT can be performed either directly with a clientís interactive participation or indirectly where the soul-work is performed remotely with the results then mailed to the client (97% of clients). 

Many clients request Spiritual Response Therapy clearings for loved ones who, although unaware that the work was requested, experience positive changes as a result in their lives. (Note: The soulís permission must be received before any SRT work can be performed and the work will not interfere with the soulís present-life purpose.) 

SRT also works very effectively on animals and can be applied to restoring harmony in homes and offices.

Modern SRT was developed by Robert E. Detzler approximately 20 years ago and is rapidly growing because of its effectiveness and ease of application.

 2. Q: Do I need to be present during the clearing?

A: No, you do not need to be present during the clearing. I can conduct the clearing and provide you with recorded results on a CD. Follow-up clearings are often necessary once one has listened to the CD as it has a tendency to bring more issues to the surface.

3. Q: What if I don't feel better after the clearing?

A: That would be quite unusual, but, occasionally happens. If you did not feel better that would be because another program which was not previously active was activated by the clearing process. In that unlikely circumstance, all you need to do is call me to let me know and I will clear it while you are on the phone with me. Relief is usually immediate.

4. Q: Should I tell you about specific physical or mental ailments?

A: Absolutely, I need to know what your issues are so that I can tell you if you can expect relief from each issue or not. The primary reason why Spiritual Response Therapy would not provide relief is that sometimes the problem is rooted in present life soul purpose. Which means that the issue was a creation of this lifetime or that it would disrupt your soul's reason for incarnating into this life. SRT completely honors present life soul purpose and free will! We can find out with a free consultation!

 5. Q: Why do I need to drink extra water on the day of the clearing?

A: One of the benefits of an SRT clearing is that your body will undergo a small detoxification. If you are not properly hydrated, you may feel a bit "run-down" the next day.

6. Q: I don't believe in alternative healing, will it work for me?

A: The beauty of SRT is that you don't have to believe in SRT or reincarnation to reap the benefits. All you have to do is ask to receive (sound familiar?).

7. Q: Can I have a clearing done for someone who doesn't know that I have ordered one?

A: Definitely, as long as their soul gives permission, I can clear them. Find out with a free consultation!

 8. Q: What is the youngest age someone can be to have a clearing?

A: I would not clear someone until they were at least three months old. That is when the soul has fully integrated into it's new body and the download of cellular memory is complete.

9. Q: How do you get my soul's permission?

A: I connect to my "High-Self Spiritual Committee" and use a pendulum and 36 charts to get answers to questions. After "High-Self" identifies the correct soul, I ask "Can I, May I, Should I, work with the client". The only circumstance in which the client's soul would refuse is if a Spiritual Response Therapy clearing would be contrary to the client's present incarnation soul purpose (reason for incarnating).

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